The Exec Team

President: Kim Vu

Secretary: Elaine Shi

Treasurer: Reed Garvin

VP Internal: Stephanie Zhao

VP Events: Thia Lanuza

VP External: Tony Han

VP Marketing: Mahdin Salam

Webmaster: Joshua Tan

Musical Directors:

Minors: Cathy Jiang + Joseph Lachowicz

Fermata: Deeandra Miranda + Rachel Chiu

Majors: Sophia Sauvageau + Evelyn Elgie

Reef: Hans Lam + Doris Zeng

Fast & Forte: Dongsan Jung

Eh? Cappella: Shirley Ye + Jayg Dimayacyac

Northwest Collective: Stephen Juwono

Group Representatives:





Fast & Forte:

Associative Positions:

Graphic Design: Jocelyn Chun

Photography: Zimo Guo

Elections are held every year during our Annual General Meeting in March.

The AGM is a once annual mandatory event during which club members may run for positions and cast their vote for the next year’s executive team!