The Groups

UBC A Cappella comprises five groups. Each group has their own vibrant personality and talents which make the club extra awesome as a whole. To get a feel for which group you may prefer scroll through the information on this page!

Groups Approximate Size Primary Composition Hours per week Rehearsal evenings
Majors 18 SATB Four Tuesday & Thursday
Minors 20 SATB Two and a half Monday
Reef 40 SATB Two Wednesday
Fermata 24 SSAA Two Monday
Fast & Forte 35+ SATB Two Wednesday

Choral Reef

This larger group of about 40 singers, led by Dominic Shillingford & Weiyoung Tan, meet every Wednesday for 2 hours a week from 18:00 – 20:00 with occasional sectionals. This group performs at the big end-of-semester concerts.

Fermata UBC


This group of about 24 singers, led by Doris Zeng, meets Mondays for 2 hours in addition to sectionals, and performs semi-regularly on and off-campus. This group is solely comprised of soprano and alto voices. Their rehearsal time is 18:00 – 20:00.

The Unaccompanied Minors

This group of about 24 singers, led by Ash Ma & Michael Jung Yuan, meets on Mondays for 2 and a half hours a week with occasional sectionals. In addition, this group performs semi-regularly around campus and occasionally off-campus. This group’s rehearsal time is 18:00 – 20:30.

The Undeclared Majors

This group of about 24 singers, led by Christina Daudlin & Joshua Andrew Tan, meets Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2 hours (4 hours a week) with occasional sectionals. In addition, this group performs semi-regularly around campus and occasionally off-campus. This group’s rehearsal time is 18:00 – 20:00.

Fast & Forte

Led by Will Chen & Dongsan Jung, this group meets Wednesday evenings and rehearses for two hours a week from 18:15 – 20:15. This group performs at the big term-end concerts and is open to all A Cappella enthusiasts.

Help! Which group do I pick based on preference?

Regardless of the group you end up, you’re bound to enjoy your stay with UBC A Cappella. Before selecting the group preference that you will write on your audition sheet it is important to consider three factors: time commitment, time availability, and group composition.

In terms of time commitment, Majors requires 4+ hours/week (rehearsals, sectionals, gigs), while Minors, Fermata, and Reef require 2+ hours/week (rehearsal, sectionals, gigs). Moreover, a group that practices more often will learn more material (i.e. songs); likewise, a group that practices less will often learn less material. For overall commitment, however, high attendance is mandatory for all groups. You may only miss a maximum of 2 rehearsals a semester before you are issued a warning, and you may not miss any rehearsal without giving your musical director ample notice.

In terms of time availability, check each group’s specific practice date and time to see if it aligns with your personal school and extracurricular schedule.

And finally, consider the group composition. When you meet the existing members in each group, how they sound is not the sole factor; how your personalities match is as crucially important! Moreover, if you sing Soprano or Alto, consider whether or not you would like prefer to be a part of a group that identifies as all female. Also, our groups tend to sing different genres. Visit our Youtube channel and give the groups a listen!

Please ask us if you have any questions as to our club’s structure – and remember – we want you to sing with us!