Interested in booking us for an event?

Our members are always excited about performing in the community so please shoot a message our way! You can send all booking enquiries to, or look at our Contact Page for other ways to contact us.

General Booking Policies:

  • For free on-campus events we are willing to do short performances for free (Honorariums are always appreciated)
  • For performances of 30 minutes or longer at a free, on-campus event, we expect to be provided with food or refreshments of some sort as a bare minimum cost (Honorariums suggested)
  • For an off-campus event or a paid venue on campus, we have a $50 minimum honorarium requirement. We may require a larger return depending on the length and time of the performance, travel costs associated with the performance, and any other special requests

Off Campus/Special Events Pricing

The following lists our special event costs (events off-campus or at a paid venue on campus):

  • $50 minimum for performances under 10 minutes
  • $150 minimum for performances of under 30 minutes
  • $250 minimum for performances of 30-45 minutes
  • For above 45 minutes please contact us to work out a price
  • Rates will vary depending on the size of venue, scale of performance, and the purpose of the event. Other forms of compensation (non-monetary) will also be considered.

If you have any questions regarding booking A Cappella performances, our VP External, Karina Meng, would be happy to answer them. Please email her at