Interested in booking us for an event?

Our members are always excited about performing in the community! To streamline our bookings process, we’ve created a simple Google Form for you to fill out. Click here to access the form!

If you have any questions or concerns, please shoot a message our way! You can send all booking-related enquiries to – our VP External, Tony Han, would be happy to assist you!

General Booking Policies:

  • Booking UBC A Cappella for events will always remain free of charge! However, as a non-profit student organization, honorariums, gift cards, and other in-kind donations are always appreciated!
  • At events, we typically perform a set of 2-3 songs (10 to 15 mins per set), but you may request to have us repeat the set several times with breaks in between
  • We do expect some form of compensation for events that are longer in duration or off-campus; in the past, event organizers have promoted UBC A Cappella on social media and have often provided us food/refreshments
  • If you have any special requests (e.g. requesting more than 3 songs to be performed, female-only ensemble), please contact us with additional details and we would be happy to discuss your needs!


Disclaimer: UBC A Cappella is a non-profit student-run organization operating under the UBC Alma Mater Society. UBC A Cappella has the right to refuse or terminate without warning any booking requests upon discovery that your business/organization practices and/or event’s nature is contrary to our policies and organization values (e.g. event promotes discrimination against a certain group), regardless of whether or not the request was already accepted or whether or not the event is in session. UBC A Cappella assumes no liability whatsoever, monetary or non-monetary, resulted from such a cancellation or termination.